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Guangdong million Core Tech

nology Co., Ltd. is committed to

green lighting, energy-saving

high-tech research and develop ment of indoor LED lighting product development, production, sales and technical


services, adhering to the "quality first, customer first" service concept, always focused on the development of cost-effective products and promotion.
The company has a strong technical development team, can quickly and rationally develop to meet customer demand for LED lighting products; in the leading position in the lighting industry, the development of energy-saving lamps -LED Panel Light (LED panel lights).

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Million core lighting project …
  Million core lighting project …
Zhuhai energy saving building … 2015.09.24
Million core lighting website … 2015.09.24
Million core lighting project … 2015.09.24
Million core lighting home pro… 2015.09.24
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Elongated flat …Round LED Panel…LED panel light…Round Panel Lig…
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